TV Guide Review

This chimerical bit of movie exotica combines elements of fantasy films, sarong flicks and action movies into one super-hero package. Three Indian teenagers, Jericho (Kenny Greyson), Dreadmon (Zaron Burnett) and Sonata (Mercedes Colon), spend their adolescence frolicking in a tropical paradise near Mexico’s Sierra De Vallejo.

Meanwhile, city-based drug dealer Eldoran (Ron Joseph), who’s been waging an ongoing war against competing cartels, is looking to relocate his drug laboratory someplace quieter. Spurred on by corrupt anti-drug czar General Emilio Figueroa (Hector Mercado), Eldoran orders his soldiers to open a jungle facility in the teenagers’ homeland. Chief Papolli (Toneey Acevedo) is gunned down when he waves an olive branch at the dope manufacturers. Meanwhile, half-breed Dreadmon experiences a revelation as he strives to reach his tribal majority.

Born in Vanuatu, Dreadmon (Vincent Klyn), wields such powers as telekinesis and lethal kickboxing. Unaware that drug lords are a far greater threat to his tribesmen than slave traders, the headstrong Dreadmon foolishly wastes his newly discovered powers.

His spirit guide warns him about the dark forces of evil personified by trampy vamp Lola (Estelle Bermudez), but she introduces him to the pleasures of the flesh, distracting Dreadmon from his mission to rescue his people and preserve their way of life. Dreadmon travels to the big city and becomes Eldoran’s pawn, losing sight of the forces menacing the jungle.

Despite Jericho’s efforts to wise up his buddy, Eldoran dupes Dreadmon into eliminating the urban competition. Will Dreadmon wake up and smell the coca before his powers dissipate? If he doesn’t, the palm trees will soon be replaced by a forest of crystal-meth labs.

Dreadmon is certainly a novel savior, battling inner demons and city slickers armed with little more than a loincloth and his natural assets. Overall, this David vs. Goliath tale is choppy but entertaining.

  • Robert Pardi